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Police Who Shot Dead Aubrey Donahue Were Not Wearing Cameras 

Aubrey Donahue was shot and killed by specialist police officers following a four-hour siege at a home in Mareeba, 60 kilometres west of Cairns on 25 March 2023. 

Police alleged that Mr. Donahue was armed with a knife and advanced on them during the siege, however possess no close-range footage of the incident. 

Donahue’s family are demanding answers and proof that Donahue was armed at the time of his death. 

Deputy Commissioner Mark Wheeler said the police were not fitted with cameras at the time. 

Body-worn cameras used by Queensland Police on general duties are not suitable for their specialist colleagues because of recording lights that could give away their position, police say.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Brisbane’s King George Square on 30 March 2023 to mourn the Indigenous man.

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