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New Laws Introduced To Ban Hate Symbols Including Nazi Flags And Symbols 

Queensland’s attorney general has confirmed the Nazi salute will be captured under proposed laws that ban hate symbols and strengthen the state’s response vilification.

The legislation introduced into Queensland parliament on Wednesday will ensure that those who commit crimes motivated by prejudice against specified groups will face tougher penalties, including longer custodial sentences.

Existing offences will be amended to provide for a new circumstance of aggravation, including for common assault, going armed so as to cause fear, threatening violence, assault occasioning bodily harm, wilful damage, trespass and public nuisance.

The proposed laws will also modify the criminal code to introduce a “prohibited symbols offence” which will ban the display of hate symbols, including those tied to Nazism and the Islamic State. T

he new offence will outlaw the public display, public distribution or publication of prohibited symbols in circumstances that “might reasonably be expected to cause a member of the public to feel menaced, harassed or offended”. T

he government’s hate symbol framework will include Nazi tattoos, as revealed by Guardian Australia this month. The public distribution or publication of prohibited symbols online will also be prohibited.

There would be an exemption for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains, for whom swastikas are religious symbols.

There will also be an exemption for when hate symbols were used for educational purposes.

The bill will also allow police to search a person or vehicle without a warrant if they “reasonably suspect the person has committed or is committing an offence.”

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