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Jarryd Hayne Found Guilty Of Rape After Third Rape Trial

After an 11 day trial and 20 hours of deliberation over 8 days, at 3.37 pm on 4 April 2023, a jury of 6 men and 6 women returned a unanimous verdict in the trial of former NRL Eels fullback and 2 time Dally M winner, Jarryd Hayne.

Count 1. Sexual intercourse without consent = Guilty (Oral Sex)

Count 2. Sexual intercourse without consent = Guilty (Digital Penetration)

Hayne and the complainant first interacted some weeks prior to the incident when the complainant began messaging him on Instagram, eventually organising to meet after flirtatious and sexual conversation.

Hayne is alleged to have travelled to the complainant’s house on the evening of the 2018 NRL Grand Final in a taxi after a Bucks weekend with friends. He arrived at 9.07 pm and departed at 9.53 pm.

He paid a taxi driver $550 to drive him to an event in Sydney later that evening and stopped on route to the complainant’s house in Newcastle. He left a half consumed Vodka Cruiser bottle on her letterbox and asked the taxi driver to wait out the front, telling the driver he was only stopping to collect a bag.

The Court was told Hayne played an Ed Sheeran cover of the Oasis song “Wonderwall” on her laptop to serenade her before she noticed the taxi waiting outside.

After 20 minutes, the taxi driver beeped the horn and knocked on the front door of the residence, becoming impatient.

The complainant said in evidence that once she became aware of the taxi driver waiting outside that this dissolved any chance of her wanting to becoming intimate with Hayne. 

The complainant gave evidence that Hayne was rough and took her pants off in one motion and that she had protested and asked him to stop. Hayne performed oral sex and digitally penetrated the complainant before she began bleeding on his hand and lip. 

She was left with two lacerations, one which was still visible to a doctor 6 weeks later.

This was the third trial, the first trial resulting in a hung jury and the second trial resulting in a guilty verdict that was overturned on appeal. Hayne served 9 months imprisonment until he was released on appeal bail.

Hayne was granted an extension of his bail until Thursday 6 April 2023, when he will be sentenced.

Hayne indicated to the media that he will appeal the sentence.

Hayne played the majority of the 214 games in his NRL career for the Parramatta Eels, as well as representing Australia and Fiji.

He played 23 State of Origin games. The NRL is expected to consider stripping Hayne of his two Dally M Medals. If so, this would mark the first time the NRL has ever taken titles away from an individual. 

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