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A Melbourne Technology Company Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Develop A Road Safety Camera Capable Of Detecting Whether A Driver Is Drunk Or Impaired 

A Melbourne technology company is using artificial intelligence to develop a road safety camera capable of detecting whether a driver is drunk or impaired. Acusensus, founded in 2018, is currently collecting data through the use of driving simulators to analyse the driving patterns and reaction times of motorists who are under the influence. The simulator uses computer-generated versions of actual roads in multiple cities in Australia, and for testing purposes the motorists using the technology are either drunk or sober. The company then assesses particular behaviours such as how well the driver keeps within the lines or how well they keep to the speed limit. Everything the driver does is then analysed by a computer. The data goes into a massive machine learning artificial intelligence type of system, and it can pick up the minute patterns and the differences. The technology would then send an alert to police if it detected that a driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol. The police can pull over that driver right there and test them.

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